The description herein partially reflects the organizational structure in Japan.


The Kashima-Shinryû Federation of Martial Sciences exists to continue the long tradition of the Kashima-Shinryû and to preserve and disseminate its legacies. Toward this end, it oversees training and study of Kashima-Shinryû martial art, principally at colleges and research institutions.


The Kashima-Shinryû Federation of Martial Sciences organization was inaugurated by KUNII Zen'ya's successor as shihanke, SEKI Humitake, on April 1, 1973. A copy of the constitution and by-laws for the organization appears in SEKI Humitake, Nihon budô no engen: Kashima-Shinryû (Tokyo: Kyôrin Shoin, 1976), pp. 16-18; an English translation of this document can be found in appendix II of Karl FRIDAY with SEKI Humitake, Legacies of the Sword: the Kashima-Shinryû and Samurai Martial Culture (Honolulu: University of Hawaii, 1997).

Today, the Kashima-Shinryû Federation of Martial Sciences has more than a thousand registered members and operates under the direction of its Secretary-General, AKINAGA Hiroyuki (The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology). All registered members enter the organization through affiliated local Chapters or Satellite Chapters. Chapters are authorized martial art training centers established at educational or academic research institutions or the equivalent. Satellite Chapters are authorized martial art training centers established by alumni of authorized Chapters for the purpose of continuing their training in locales where no regular Chapter exists. Affiliated local Chapters and/or Satellite Chapters exist in Japan and overseas in the United States, in Germany, in Finland and in Slovenia.

The Kashima-Shinryû Federation of Martial Sciences is a strictly non-profit organization, and does not, therefore, collect tuition from individual members or chapters. In order to support the publication of its newsletter (Kashima-Shinryû budô renmei kaihô), the production of membership lists, and other activities, however, all members are charged annual dues, payable in April of each year. Members are also liable for various other testing, diploma and licensing fees.

Kashima-Shinryu Organization Structure as of April, 2018

Federation Activities

Information for Potential Students:

Today the Kashima-Shinryû centers its activities on high schools, colleges and other educational institutions, because such places have been determined to be the most appropriate venues for learning and transmission of what is and must be a cultural contribution to society, rather than a one-dimensional combative art. Those interested in studying Kashima-Shinryû should contact one of the chapters listed below for additional information.

Annual General Gasshuku in Kashima City (August 2004)

About Chapters and Branch Schools

The day to day activities of the Kashima-Shinryû are carried out at chapters in various locations in Japan and abroad. Among the most active training locations are: