Please Read the Following Before Contacting Us for Further Information.

For persons wishing to join a local chapter and to receive instruction:

As stated on the page entitled "The Kashima-Shinryû Federation of Martial Sciences," admission to the Kashima-Shinryû under the auspices of this federation is normally limited to people (students, staff, faculty, and alumni) affiliated with institutions of higher education or similar cultural organizations. We ask that you pay particular attention to the following points, which will be re-emphasized to you at the time your application for admission to study is considered. Persons violating these conditions, even those meeting the criteria outlined above, will be refused admission to study.

For persons wishing to resume training:

Persons formerly admitted to membership in this federation who have, for various reasons, withdrawn from membership but now wish to resume membership and training should apply directly to the head of the chapter at which they wish to resume training. Unless there are specific obstacles or other contraindications, readmission to training will normally be granted.

For other business or information concerning this federation:

Academic, educational or cultural questions or requests concerning this organization or the Kashima-Shinryû should be submitted to the headquarters of this federation for consideration. Submissions may be made via e-mail to: KSSRcollege@(atmark) . (The address has changed.)

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