The True Significance of Kashima Spiritual Transmission

Kamiizumi Ise-no-kami Fujiwara no Hidetsuna:
“Daunted by the glyph shin [divine], he changed the name Shinkageryû [i.e., ‘Divine Shade’ or ‘Abetted by the Gods’ Style] and called it Shinkage [‘New (shin) Shade’].”

Hassun no Nobegane:
“Ogasawara Kinzaemon Minamoto no Nagaharu, also styled Genshinsai, cultivated advanced hyôhô, which enabled him to attain marvelous technique while he was in China”

The Correct Transmission of My Teacher, KUNII Zen’ya

1. Master Zen’ya’s Conceptual Framework for the Testing of Other Budô Styles

2. His Involvement in the Shinkageryû

3. His Involvement in the Nenryû

4. Other Styles

5. Zen’ya’s Spiritual Cultivation and His Final Farewell to Officialdom

The Traditional Japanese Culture of Kata Keiko and Its Importance in Kashima-Shinryu

Training the Tanden for Use in Kiai and Martial Techniques

The Scientific Basis for “Metsuke no Koto”

Ginmi (Testing) as Taught in the Gokuiden (Initiation into Ultimates)

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